tsmc, 2022 년에 3nm 공급 기술력 - Tsmc

2022 년에 3nm를 제공하기위한 TSMC

TSMC is delivering record results day after day, with a 5 nm manufacturing process starting High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) in Q2 next year, 7 nm process getting plenty of orders and the fact that TSMC just became the biggest company publicly trading in Asia. Continuing with the goal to match or even beat the famous Moore's Law, TSMC is already planning for future 3 nm node manufacturing, promised to start HVM as soon as 2022 arrives, according to JK Wang, TSMC's senior vice president of fab operations. Delivering 3 nm a whole year before originally planned in 2023, TSMC is working hard, with fab construction work doing quite well, judging by all the news that the company is releasing recently.

연말 연시가 다가오는 2022 년 말쯤에 3nm 제조 공정을 사용하여 제작 된 제품의 첫 물결을 볼 수 있습니다. Apple 및 HiSilicon과 같은 일반적인 고객은 프로세스가 HVM을 준비하는 즉시 새로운 노드를 활용하고 스마트 폰을 3nm 프로세서와 함께 제공 할 것입니다.
Source: DigiTimes