3DMark, 가변 속도 음영 벤치 마크 소개

3DMark today announced they've introduced a new benchmarking feature. Specifically developed to test Variable Rate Shading (VRS) performance and image quality differences, the new feature allows users to actually visualize the performance and image quality differences associated with more aggressive (or less aggressive) VRS settings. The algorithm is a smart one - it aims to reduce the number of pixel shader operations on surfaces where detail isn't as important (such as frame edges, fast-moving objects, darkened areas, etc) so as to improve performance and shave some precious milliseconds in the deployment of each frame.

이 테스트를 실행하려면 Windows 10 버전 1903 이상과 Tier 1 VRS를 지원하는 DirectX 12 GPU와 NVIDIA Turing 기반 GPU 또는 Intel Ice Lake CPU와 같은 'AdditionalShadingRatesSupported'기능이 필요합니다. VRS 기능 테스트는 현재 3DMark Advanced Edition의 무료 업데이트로 제공되거나 9 월 2 일까지 Steam 또는 UL 벤치 마크 웹 사이트에서 구매할 때 3DMark가 75 % 할인됩니다.